Back From The Dead

I let the blog sit for far too long. My last post was in December! I missed covering Christmas, Toy fair in NY,  as well as a few toy shows and conventions in the area. That's Horrible! A lot has happened since December so let me explain what's been going on.

First, when I started the blog I had intended it to be all about the hunt. I was having fun driving around town and looking for the Marvel Legends X-Men series but once I took a break from it to shop for others (it was Christmas and all) I realized I didn't have the money to keep it up. I also only have a few toy departments in my area, not even full toy stores, so I was just going to the same places over and over. I don't think that's really sustainable for the long run in terms of content. So, while I wanted to try to focus on new releases I think I'm going to include toys of all kinds from now on. Retro toys and collectables as well as the new stuff when I have time to hunt.

I need to figure out how to walk a fine line in that regard because I don't want to ripoff my main source of inspiration. Last year my friend showed me Dinosaur Dracula and I was immediately hooked. I find the blog hilarious and I love the mix of content. Most of the articles are about action figures from the 80's and 90's so I want to be sure I don't subconsciously steal anything. Though I've been SO worried about that I've forgotten to write anything at all. Time to get over that, especially since I recently found a bunch of old VHS tapes of Saturday morning cartoons with the commercials included. I promise I'll stick to toy related blogs. I'll stay away from writing about junk food, even when it is shaped like a ninja turtle.

In these times you have to be on social media to promote yourself. A funny thing happened when I bought my domain name. I didn't think to check Facebook. So, I got the name Pursuit of Plastic and was so happy with such a clever title. When I tried to crate a Facebook page I found that there was already a podcast called Pursuit of Plastic. Damn! I thought I might be able to get away with keeping my name but their podcast is the exact same idea I had, going out hunting for toys and talking about the pursuit. Great minds think alike, I suppose. So a name change was in the cards fairly early on in my blogging time. Oh well, that's not the end of the world. It's not like the country was about to be ruled by a former reality TV show host.

Yes, I know, politics probably don't have a place in an action figure blog but I'd be doing a disservice to myself if I finished this post without mentioning the last setback and cause for the drought of content. When Trump Inauguration day happened I wasn't very happy with myself. People have their opinions and, here in Seattle, most of them were able to speak intelligently when explaining or defending their political views. I could have been using my time to educate myself the same way they had but instead I had buried myself in pop culture. When I looked in the mirror I saw a grown man, and person of color, who was using his time to look for, buy, and write about collectables. I felt like an idiot. I struggled with this feeling for a few months. I couldn't focus solely on political news because it's just too damn depressing. On the other hand, I felt ignorant when I didn't pay any attention to it and spent my time searching for Batman figures. Recently I've found a balance and have come to understand it does not have to be all or nothing. I also don't feel any kind of guilt at this point about collecting or writing about figures. Writing definitely makes me feel better so I can use it to help take my mind off the dismal news and I'm also happy to put out a source of entertainment that you enjoy and hopefully find fun.

"It's okay, Mikey. I'm angry too"

"It's okay, Mikey. I'm angry too"

So, back to it! I promise it won't be another three months until the next entry.