Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Things have been insanely busy for me so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to head out to the stores to see what’s new in the world of action figures, much less write about it, but I finally set aside a day to prepare something for the blog. I should have had this ready sooner but better late than never. Here it is, at the buzzer, my Halloween mood table.


For those of you who do not follow Dinosaur Dracula or have never heard of a mood table, here is his 2018 blog about the subject. I love the idea of having a dedicated space to commemorate the season and what better excuse to use more toys in decorating my living room. I decided to make my table a mix of characters from my favorite scary movies, and characters I’ve dressed as for Halloween. It also has horror VHS tapes, The Misfits coffin boxed set, and a rat decoration but as far as the toys go here’s a breakdown.

Jason Voorhees


This is one of the newest additions to my collection. I’ve been wanting a Jason figure for a while now and NECA has delivered with this Ultimate Jason figure. This look is based off his appearance in “Friday The 13th The Final Chapter” and comes with a bunch of accessories from the movie, like a bloody bone saw and corkscrew. (Spoiler alert for a 34-year-old movie) You can even take the machete and put it in the side of his unmasked head!


Jason also comes with his mother’s headstone which looks funny next to Funko cereal Jason

Have fun mixing and matching!

Have fun mixing and matching!

The Friday the 13th movies were off limits according to my mom until I was a little older, somewhere around 12. I’m pretty sure she only let me watch it because it was an edited version on TV and I had some friends over for a little Halloween party and we wanted to watch a real scary movie. It was Part 2 and I loved watching Jason hunt down the teenagers. The Final Chapter has become my favorite of the series so I wanted to buy that figure but Part 2 is a runner up because of that first party experience. Maybe I’ll have to pick up NECA’s version of Jason in Part 2 for next year’s table.

Freddy Krueger


I’ve had this Freddy figure from McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs series for about 12 years now. I prefer it to the Freddy from series 1 because of the way he’s hunched over and snarling as opposed to yelling angrily.

The plastic is starting to turn yellow and I’ve debated just ripping it open for a while now, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve grown to like the grungy look. It makes it seem as if it’s been sitting in a basement for years, gathering dust while waiting for a chance to return, much like Freddy himself.

Unlike Michael Myers and Jason, I was never really scared of Freddy. There are two reasons, first, I didn’t actually see A Nightmare On Elm Street until I was 17. Too old to be scared but just right for appreciating the different take on the slasher story and the awesome special effects. Second, my next door neighbor was Freddy for Halloween every year. I remember watching him on the porch, sitting still on a bench and pretending to be a decoration, then he’d jump to scare the trick or treaters. It was so funny to me and I keep that association with Freddy even to this day.

I wonder if others have similar associations and that’s one reason why Freddy is loved. Even though he’s a horrific monster people still want him around today. He was just in a new episode of The Goldbergs and Robert Englund even came back to reprise the role.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Can you tell I’m having fun with this horror lighting?

Can you tell I’m having fun with this horror lighting?

Mr. Stay Puft is one of my favorite toys in my collection. I picked him up around 14 years ago and he’s been displayed on one of my shelves ever since. I love how he towers over the other figures and how he has the angry expression rather than the smiley face he has when he first appears in the movie.

I’m not sure there’s much I can say about Ghostbusters and its place during Halloween that hasn’t already been said. The film is still quoted just about everywhere I go, I see the costumes every year, and the theme song is a staple of every Halloween party playlist. A local theater had a 70mm film fest recently and I was lucky enough to see the original during the festival. If you ever get the chance to see it in a theater, do it! It’s still so much fun.

A Crappy T-Rex


Yes, when I was a kid I was a T-Rex for Halloween. This toy is nothing special. It’s one of those Mold-A-Rama souvenirs I got from the Field Museum while visiting Chicago earlier this year. It’s crappy and that what makes it perfect to symbolize my costume.

My mom usually helped me by sewing homemade costumes that were amazing but the T-Rex stands out because as far as I can remember that was the first costume I put together myself, hence why it looked so dumb. I found a dinosaur mask at a department store, and I put on a long sleeve green t-shirt and some green sweatpants. I didn’t even think to make a tale. Regardless, I was proud of it and I polished it up just a little bit more by adding a fake bloody finger from Party City and putting it in the mask’s mouth. While trick or treating I walked into a tree branch and the finger was knocked out and it fell on the grass. I didn’t realize until I got home. Hopefully someone looked down and got scared by it the next day.

I also remember this being my first costume on the scary side. Prior to this I had mostly dressed as a funny cartoon character or a super hero (more on that in a bit) but when walking down the street with my friend who happened to be dressed as a vampire we turned a corner and scared a little kid dressed as a puppy. I felt bad but also was kind of glad I was scary. Hopefully we didn’t traumatize that kid. I’d hate to think there’s a person out there who doesn’t like vampires and dinosaurs because of me and my friend.



This is just an old talking desk mate of Chef from South Park, nothing special in and of itself but I loved dressing up as Chef for Halloween.

South Park has been one of my favorite shows since I first saw it in season 1 and when Halloween came around that next year I knew I had to be one of the characters from the show. The stores sold masks of the main characters, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny, but I had this thing where I didn’t want to be the same character as everyone else, with the same mask. I decided I was going to be my favorite adult from the show, and it really paid off. Mom helped me find the hat, apron and, the iron-on letters and I already had the red shirt and jeans. Once I put all that on Mom also helped me draw on a fake beard. When I went out that night every South Park fan applauded. I had the right idea, dress as one of the characters but do it in a way that would stand out from the others who all had the same mask. Some people even called their friends over to come see my Chef costume. I was very proud of it. You might be thinking it, so let me just say it, No. I did not put on black face. Even as a kid I knew that was not okay.

Throughout the years I’ve done several South Park costumes, Terrance (of Terrance not Philip) Professor Chaos, and Randy, but I’ve still never dressed as one of the main boys. I’m not sure I will. I like dressing as the other characters from the show for Halloween.

Darkwing Duck


I’m so glad Funko made this figure in addition to the Pop! vinyl. He looks great and while they made Darkwing Duck toys in the 90’s, I think this one looks the best. The figure from the 90’s had a sly look on his face. I prefer this smile. The Disney Afternoon lineup from Funko is amazing and I’m glad we’re getting Launchpad and Gizmoduck in series 2.

Darkwing Duck might be the best costume I ever had. I’m not sure I’ve talked about it on this blog before but DWD was one of my favorite cartoons. I never missed it. When playing Darkwing in my backyard I used to get two baseball hats and put on one backwards and the other forwards to imitate the look of a fedora. Mom found an old grey hat and put a black band around it. I wore that as soon as I got home from school and once it was time to start thinking of a Halloween costume that year it was only a matter of time before the rest of the costume came together.

This was one of the homemade costumes I mentioned earlier and it was amazing. I won a local costume contest with it, thanks to mom’s hard work! That was one of my favorite costumes ever and I saved it for last because I actually have a picture of it.


Thanks for reading about my mood table and toys. I don’t get to update this blog as much as I’d like but I’m very thankful whenever someone asks me how it’s going or when my next article is coming up. Hopefully I can write more over the next few months.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Dinosaur Dracula. We wouldn’t have mood tables if not for him and his blog is always a fun time.

Thanks again, everyone!