Thanks For Two Years

My geeky little toy chest in the corner of the internet turned two years old this week! I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for reading, everyone. I truly appreciate the compliments on my articles and whenever I run into someone who asks when my next post will be ready I’m encouraged to get it out as soon as possible. This is a major difference from when I first started writing. At that time, I was so nervous about sharing my work. I would procrastinate and make up excuses because I didn’t want to entertain the possibility that people would hate it. Thanks to a lot of your encouragement and support I’ve learned fear of failure is a dumb reason not to share what I’m working on and I’m happy to have learned it sooner than later.

To celebrate two years, I want to share two pictures of significance from this past year. First up, my Deadpool Lego at the X-Mansion (Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC).


I was excited when my wife and I went to check out Hatley Castle. I was looking forward to taking pictures at a Deadpool filming location, she was thrilled to see the gardens, and we were both interested in taking a tour of the castle and learning about its history. We knew the castle was a popular filming location but we didn’t think to call ahead of time to see about any potential conflicts. Our mistake, because when we got there we couldn’t get near the entrance since there was a Disney movie being filmed.

We still got to see the gardens, which were amazing, and I was able to take this picture of Lego Deadpool around back, but I was still a little bummed I couldn’t recreate this pic from Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram. Although, we did get to laugh at a little schadenfreude while they were filming. Hatley Castle also has a bird sanctuary on its campus and while they were shooting this quiet romantic scene a loud bird kept squawking and (we think) ruining their takes. I like to think the bird is a Deadpool fan who had some sympathy for my cause.

The other reason I like this pic is because it’s my first experience with Photoshop. As you can tell, I’m no pro, nor have I ever claimed to be, when it comes to photography. I wanted to get everything in focus but didn’t realize that’s impossible with the distance I was working with and the camera on my phone until it was too late. So I took one picture with the Lego and one without and had my friend show me how to make them work together. I love the way it came out and I look forward to playing with photo editing as I continue to work on the blog.

The next picture I want to share features Batman on top of my roof at work.


This was a picture I took when I realized it was Batman Day on the internet and I wanted to have something to share on Instagram. The significance here is it’s one of the first pictures I took with the camera my wife bought me.

I mentioned above that I was mostly taking pictures for this blog with the camera on my phone, a Google Pixel, and that worked fine, but my wife got me a new camera this year because she had heard me say that I was interested in getting a little more serious with my photography. Her support means a lot to me and I feel really lucky in that regard. I think most adult men would say, “Guess what, I want to start collecting action figures again so I can write about them in a blog” and their significant others would call them crazy and tell them to get back to work. Thankfully, not me. It may not be my best, but this picture will always remind me of that.

Thanks again for sticking with me over the past two years, and for those of you just joining me, welcome! I hope you have fun here. I have a lot planned for the end of the year so hopefully I can get everything finished by the end of December. Check back soon!