My Top 5 Toys of 2018

Hello and welcome to the second annual Top 5 Toys countdown here at Poptastic Plastic! The rules are simple, as long as I bought it in 2018 it’s eligible to make the countdown. Last year there was a good mix of toys from the 80’s, early 90’s and recent releases on the list, but this year everything is current. It’s also kind of one-sided. There’s a couple figures from the Marvel Legends line and there are also a lot of NECA figures. I thought about switching up the list so there was more variety but I had to be honest about my favorites. I guess it just shows my bias. I would like to change one thing from last year’s format and add an honorable mention. So, here goes!

Honorable Mention - Stimpy


Stimpy is a pretty simple bobble head (well, bobble booty in this case) but I like him for two reasons. First and foremost, Stimpy is the last thing I bought from Toys R Us. I went into one of the stores a couple weeks before they had to close for good and picked him off a shelf with a lot of other Nicktoons goodies, and that brings me to my second point. I was amazed that in 2018 I could walk into a store and find current toys from Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and Ren & Stimpy. God bless 90’s Nickelodeon nostalgia.

#5 Captain America


Here’s the first of the Marvel Legends I’m including in my Top 5. It was a tough choice because the Marvel Cinematic Universe 10 year anniversary collection was extremely well done. Im choosing Cap because of the amazing attention to detail and because this version is from Civil War. I had so much fun with that movie! I also like that this figure also got some attention online earlier this year. In November I noticed that little “I voted” word bubble we get on our mail-in ballots was the perfect size for him. I took this picture and sent it in a tweet to my city administrators. They liked it enough to retweet it and, while I don’t know how many people actually saw it, I’d like to think Captain America made people smile on election day.

#4 Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot


I’ve wanted Tom and Crow action figures ever since I first discovered Mystery Science Theater 3000 back in the 90’s. There were some DVD sets that came with little busts of them somewhere around 2010 but I missed out on them. Thanks to Funko, I finally have some Tom and Crow figures! I bought these guys when I went to Funko HQ back in February and they’ve been displayed on my entertainment center ever since.


Speaking of Funko, the tweet I mentioned above with Captain America is nothing compared to what they did for me. Back in April the internet celebrated take your pop to work day. I took Tom and Crow to my theater and took a picture of them in the front row. Funko retweeted it and it became, by a long shot, the closest thing I’ve ever had to viral success with this blog. I’m glad so many people liked the photo!

#3 Jason Voorhees


There have been a few amazing renditions of Jason Voorhees over the years but I’ve missed out on all of them, until now. NECA released their ultimate version of Jason from Friday the 13th Part 4 and I brought him home without a second thought. I already wrote about this figure when I set him up on my mood table last Halloween but I’m happy to add this creepy murderer to another list here on the blog. I’m sure he’ll also be back again soon. One thing I didn’t mention last time was how much fun it is to take pictures with this guy. The best one came when my dog ripped the head off of her Lambchop doll. As soon as I saw the severed head on my kitchen floor I knew what had to be done.

The song finally ended, ki-ki-ki-ha-ha-ha

The song finally ended, ki-ki-ki-ha-ha-ha

#2 Thing


Yes, the MCU 10 year anniversary line I mentioned earlier is amazing but none of the figures in that lineup, or any of other Marvel Legends from this year for that matter, can compare to The Thing. Every detail down to the last rock looks perfect. He comes with an alternate head and hands too and for the first time in a long time when I change them out I don’t feel like I’m going to break the damn figure. That is much appreciated!

I also got really lucky finding this one on a whim. You may have read a few of my articles giving you an idea of how far I’ll go sometimes to find a figure at retail price. Well, when I found Thing I didn’t even know he was out yet. The Fantastic Four Legends figures are Walgreens exclusives and I just happened to be walking out of the pharmacy when I saw him on the shelf. No driving around town to every store, no stalking eBay, no waiting for the floor at comic-con, just bought him on the first try!

It’s Clobberin’ Time!

It’s Clobberin’ Time!

I love this figure and it probably would have made number one on my list, had I not scored at SDCC this summer…

#1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SDCC Exclusives


At SDCC, NECA released smaller versions of their quarter scale TMNT collection in a boxed set that looks just like the old VHS box. I love the turtles and knew as soon as I heard they were going to be available I had to prioritize getting a set. I tried a couple times with no luck but on the third day I was lucky enough to grab one! They really went above and beyond bringing the turtles to life. What can I say about the detail that you can’t see for yourself in this picture? They even come with a Domino’s Pizza box and a can of ooze!

It was someone’s job to set up the figures as close to the original box as possible. I’m so jealous!

It was someone’s job to set up the figures as close to the original box as possible. I’m so jealous!

What a great year for collecting. I hope you had as much fun as I did in 2018 and want to thank you for reading and supporting Poptastic Plastic. Whether you’re just finding it now or you’ve been reading since the beginning I’m so grateful you’re here. Sometimes I second guess myself, but whenever I hear someone say I made them laugh, look for toys, or even start writing for themselves, I know I’m doing a fun thing by keeping this blog.

Happy New Year! I’ll see you in 2019.